Goldie the sun conure has a varied diet of fruits, vegetables, pellets and minimal seed. Goldie was raised on seed, however a well balanced diet should include many other elements with seed being only a small part.  Talk to your vet regarding your sun conure’s diet.

What Goldie the sun conure likes to eat:

cereal or oatmeal mixed with a small amount of chia seed
orange juice (small amount as it is a bit acidic)
whole wheat spaghetti
very small amount of plain cooked chicken
organic grapes
Birdie Bread
Volkman seed
Roudybush pellets
20% seed only
Goldie is starting to like Goldenfeast
sweet potato
smoothie made from carrots, bananas, oranges, apples, broccoli and more. Goldie likes this blended in a juicer once in a while and knows what this is. She expects to share the drink with her owner.

**Goldie eats breakfast and dinner with her owner almost everyday.
*** Organic and locally grown fruits and vegetables are recommended.

Parrots are very social creatures and like people enjoy company at meal time. Goldie has her own plate at the meal table and most of the time displays good manners-except for the mess. If you don’t want the bird on the table maybe you can bring the cage near the table and have the bird eat on top of the cage or try using a parrot stand.

Goldie usually eats about the same time every day. She even has her own Thanksgiving meal at the table as well.

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