Home sound proofing tips for parrot owners

sun conures are known for being loudIf you have a sun conure or any other kind of parrot you may notice that the sounds they make carry. In the wild sun conures and other species of parrots call to each other over vast distances so it’s no wonder the sound carries. As a pet in a home though, the calling sounds and squawking can become ear piercing, annoying neighbors and other family members. Besides training what can be done to manage noise problems in the household? Well, there are some steps you can take to soften the noise around the house.

Furniture and Carpet

You will notice that sound carries more in an empty room. Once a room is filled with furniture it absorbs the sounds. Carpeting stops the sound waves from traveling as well. Goldie’s house has wood floors though, which actually enhances the echo. We like wood floors because it’s easier to clean dust, feather dander, and tossed food.


Rugs are great especially if you have a hard floor surfaces like Goldie’s home. A few rugs strategically placed in the living areas where you want to manage noise can help soften the echoes. Rugs are great because they are easy to clean and cheaper to replace than carpet. Rugs or tapestries can also be hung on the wall to help absorb sound waves. Besides, there are many contemporary and traditional type rugs that look great on wall.


Floor to ceiling drapes help soften noise, but unfortunately they are not always easy to keep clean. An extra layer of drywall is a thought too. Additionally a few non toxic plants can also soften noise waves and help promote a homey atmosphere for your flock. Plants that are bird friendly are known to help reduce noise and improve indoor air quality as well.

Sound proofing materials

Actual sound proofing materials include blankets that you can hang on the wall to help block and soak up sound. In addition, acoustical tiles on ceilings and acoustical panels can also help control noise. With both products it’s important however to check the material for possible off gassing, adhesive toxicity, and flame resistance. Recycled glass products are a consideration, as are cork tiles, wool, among others.

Doors and Windows

Perhaps too if you have hollow core doors in your house like Goldie does, you will notice how the sun conure calls echo to the other side of the house. Sold core doors and gap stoppers installed around the door space can help dampen that noise quite a bit. Alternatively double pane windows and weather-stripping help prevent noise from carrying the noise outside.

Safety is important for you and your parrot

Remember when adding rugs, carpet, curtains, and sound proofing materials to check for the material the items were made from so consultant a licensed contractor and specialist in sound proofing. Toxic materials as well as flammable materials should not be used at all. Proper placement away from electrical components is important as well as making sure that curious beaks do not have access to harmful items. As always have a smoke dector and a carbon monoxide monitor to protect your household and your precious flock as well.

You really cannot stop all the sound your sun conure makes in the house with soundproofing measures, but you can reduce it or mask it with appropriate measures. So whether you have a bird room or keep your parrot in your living room, it is possible to weaken the noise so everyone is a bit more comfortable.

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