Potty training your Sun Conure

Sun conures are actually pretty easy to potty train. I have run into several people that just can’t believe that this is possible. After the sun conure is trained they will have an accident on occasion but my sun conure is pretty good about minding her manners. I found that before I knew it, my sun conure was potty trained. Positive reinforcement and using simple words is the key.

First you need to decide on a place that you want your sun conure to go potty. My sun conure for instance goes potty at her cage on the edge where the potty lands on newspaper. 

Next you need to decide on a word that the sun conure will associate with going potty. My command is “do do”. 

So for instance when Goldie lifts up her wings or strains like she has to go, I ask her “do do? .”  She will answer by grunting or nodding her head most of the time. In any case I know that when she lifts her wings up and grunts that she has to go and I take her to her cage potty place and say “do do.”  After she goes I praise her by telling her what a good girl she is and give her a kiss. She loves being praised and given attention. 

Sometimes she will fly to her cage potty place on her own and go on her own even. 

Most importantly you need to observe when your sun conure needs to go potty- right after eating for instance. Around that time take the sun conure to the potty place and when they go, say the potty word and praise them. Keep doing this until the parrot has an idea of what is going on. 

Pretty soon you will be able to catch the sun conure before it has to go and take it to its potty place. It will let you know or you can tell by the body language that the bird uses. The sun conure can hold the potty for a few seconds by the way. 

I have heard of and seen people that have the toilet, sink, or garbage can as a potty place. I think that those places are not as functional as the cage area because the sun conure may eventually want to go to the potty place on its own and a toilet for instance is not really not safe or sanitary for a parrot.

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