What suddenly killed two pet parakeets?

Goldie can be messy

A few days ago I ran into a neighbor outside. We have an interest in birds and I always ask her how her parakeets are doing. This time she sadly told me that they had suddenly died. She woke up to find them both at the bottom of the cage dead. What suddenly killed these two pet parakeets?

I felt bad. This lady a senior citizen, is a kind lady. She loved the birds. Granted a necropsy was not something that could be done, though it is the best thing if you want to be sure of what caused your bird’s death .

I went with her to check the cage they had been in. It was clean. She had seed and water at the bottom. I looked at the seed and there were empty hulls on the top. I told her it was important to make sure that the old hulls were removed and fresh seed added. I also told her that seed alone was not the best diet.

Still I really didn’t see why they had both died so suddenly. Then I asked her about cleaning and cooking especially since the birds were kept in a cage near the kitchen. Being a senior and alone she didn’t cook much. She said she used the microwave mostly.

Then I asked her about cleaning. Then I probably found my answer. She used aerosol sprays-air fresheners-and disinfectant sprays to clean the cage. She didn’t know, I know. This may have been the cause. I told her to throw those things away if she gets another bird and to use natural cleaners. She told me that she would even spray the couch with the aerosol deodorizer.

Sadly 8 months prior she had two birds die also in the same way and decided to get two more to replace them, only for it to happen again. Common household cleaners are full of chemicals that can be harmful to sensitive bird lungs and respiratory systems.

I still feel sad for her because she told me often how she loved the birds; they kept her company, they sang to her. Yet she didn’t know. Her cleaning possibly killed them. If you have a bird think twice about using any cleaner anywhere around them. Is it safe? What is in it? Don’t be someone that didn’t know.

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